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Injury Center Seeks Nominations for External Advisory Committee

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The Injury and Violence Prevention Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is seeking nominations for a new External Advisory Committee.  The committee will enhance the ability of the Center to achieve its aims in reducing injury and violence in Colorado, the Mountain West and around the nation and world. Committee members will support innovation and help to guide new strategic directions for the center.  

Who can be nominated? We are seeking people knowledgeable about injury and/or violence prevention in Colorado and the Mountain West, and others with relevant knowledge to help grow our impact in the region. The committee may include members from state and local health departments, hospitals and health systems, state and local government agencies, community groups, and other related organizations. We are seeking individuals with experience in clinical, public health, and community-led approaches to injury and violence prevention. Considerations for membership will include subject matter knowledge, diversity including by racial/ethnic group, gender and location, and ability to make strategic connections to other initiatives in the state and region. 

What does service on the committee entail? Advisory committee members will be invited for a two-year term, with approximately two 1.5 hour meetings per year - expected in March and September of 2022. Member will receive an honorarium of $500/year for participation on the committee and attendance at two meetings per year. Meetings may be held virtually or in-person (depending on group preference) and will consist of updates on the center’s progress towards its’ goals and opportunities for committee members to discuss and provide feedback on key areas.

How do I nominate? You may self-nominate or nominate someone else by November 5, 2021. To nominate, complete this brief form.

After nominations close, we will review potential members and member invitations will be sent by the end of November.