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New Issue of AIANMHR Available

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The Centers are proud of the latest issue of American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research. The authors come from institutions across the country to share research on a diverse range of topics related to AI/AN health across the lifespan, including: 

  • A study of stressful life events and mental health symptoms in adolescents in Hawai'i
  • An examination of cultural identification and alcohol use among American Indian college students
  • A descriptive study of drug and alcohol policies at tribal colleges and universities
  • An evaluation of the Good Road of Life Training, a culture- and resilience-based curriculum designed to use the sources of strength of Native peoples
  • A study examining resilience and stress in a group of Hopi female caregivers

There are clear lines of inquiry that are similar among the articles, including a focus on alcohol use among young AI/AN adults and the interplay of stress and resilience for Native peoples. We hope you find the issue thought-provoking and instructive and find additional  connections in the research. 

>>Read the latest issue

If interested in publishing in the journal, please follow the instructions or reach out to Sara Mumby, Journal Manager, for questions or guidance. 

Topics: AI/AN health