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Plant Rx: Five of the Best Indoor Plants to Keep You Company During Self-Isolation

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Written by Amanda Kujawa on May 20, 2020

For never considering myself a green thumb, I surround myself with a jungle of plant children. My plants give me the overwhelming sense that I am connected to nature still within my apartment walls. And now, as we try to manage our mental health at home, in small ways my plants are helping me get through this uncertain time.

There is this beautiful thing about nature: it is the epitome of intuition, taking in all that it needs to thrive and be well. Life is chaotic and in constant flux, but nature sits and grows and embraces rebirth and renewal. As COVID-19 shapes and reshapes our lived experience, observing nature’s steadiness, patience, and regenerative force can help us understand our own resilience.

The following five plants are my favorite models of resilience. Start slow, be patient, and get to growing.

1.     Snake plant

This easy-care plant does not need a lot of sun or water—you can go up to two weeks between watering. It will, however, get a little dusty, so I recommend wiping off the leaves from time to time.

snake plant 

2.     Succulent

Place these delicate beauties in partial sunlight. They can use a light misting every three to four days and a drink of water once a week.


3.     Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera enjoys lots of sunlight and does not require much water. Water this indoor houseplant every two to three weeks. Aloe Vera plants do not like to sit in water so place them in a very sunny place after you’ve given them a drink.

aloe vera plant

4.     Air plant

These plants are happy lying in a bowl without soil or in a terrarium. They simply need a light misting every three days and a soak in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes to an hour once a week.

air plant

5.     ZZ Plant

The plant is ideal for the forgetful plant owner. ZZ plant is very forgiving and can manage with low light and sporadic watering. It can also thrive under fluorescent lights, making it a favorite indoor office plant. Keep the leaves of ZZ plants (and all low-light plants) free from dust. A simple swipe with a damp cloth keeps leaves glossy and beautiful.

ZZ plant

I encourage you to invest in a houseplant, green thumb or no. Start your day by nurturing another living thing. How is the plant growing today? What does it need from you? After caring for your plant, turn that care inward.

Let’s take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities through the lens of plant care. May we offer and accept gentle nourishment, mindful presence, and patience through growth and change.