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What Learners Are Saying: Total Worker Health® Professional Program

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Written by Laura Veith on April 25, 2023

Our center is consistently looking for ways to spread Total Worker Health® knowledge to working professionals. These individuals are the “boots on the ground” practitioners responsible for creating and establishing employee health, safety and well-being programs. This audience was the genesis for creating our Total Worker Health Professional Program (TWH PRO) – we wanted to provide quality TWH education for working professionals in a flexible, self-paced online environment.

Our center released the course six months ago and has since wondered, what has been the impact of this course? How are our learners using their knowledge to create change in the workplace?

We spoke with learners about their recent experiences. Read on to understand what skills and understanding are available to you through the TWH PRO.

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What is your profession?

I am the safety program manager for a local department of local services and have been in the safety profession for the past 34 years. – Aaron L.

I am the director of program management and engagement for a corporate health and fitness company. – Leah F.

What motivated you to take this course?

I had read about TWH in the Synergist & Professional Safety in recent times. My experience is that in many cases, safety and health is siloed into being managed via isolation. My impression from my limited reading (which was confirmed after completing the program) is that it is a vehicle that can destroy such silos and infuse safety and health into more of an enterprise-wide dynamic. That is what I’m looking to achieve in our organization’s future. – Aaron L.

I am a lifelong learner! I try to set a continuing education goal every year to focus on a new certification or course that can help me continue to learn and grow as a health educator and worksite wellness professional. – Leah. F.

What main aspects/lessons of the program did you find impactful?

I thought the real-life scenarios were most beneficial. – Aaron L.

The case studies were great examples of the key aspects of TWH and how they can be applied in real practice in a worksite setting. – Leah F.

How are you applying those to your daily work?

I have addressed my leadership team that TWH is worth our time investment and is a viable means to elevate what we hope to achieve as an organization in safety from a holistic perspective. Slowly segments of the organization that were not including safety in their routine mindsets are now interfacing me, to which I steer them in the mindset of TWH. I intend to make a wholesale change / incorporation across the Division in the next 2-4 years. – Aaron L.

The coursework was a great overview of TWH and has refreshed my focus to prioritize collaboration and integration with the employers I talk to everyday as they work on evolving their employee wellbeing programs. – Leah F.

Would you recommend this course to others? Why or why not?

I did recommend this course to a colleague. I strongly recommend this course, as it lays a great framework for addressing safety and health from a holistic view now and in the foreseeable future.  I fully expect TWH to be an emerging topic at future national safety and health and industrial hygiene PDCs. – Aaron L.

I would recommend the course to other consultants and professionals who are focused on supporting employee wellbeing in their roles. – Leah F.


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