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Kiley Kudrna


A Community Effort

What you need to know: New CU Anschutz community advocates welcome those on campus and answer questions about social distancing, masks and return to campus protocols.

Author Kiley Kudrna | Publish Date October 13, 2020
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National Coffee Day: What Are You Brewing Up?

  • What you need to know: Lisa Wingrove, RD, CSO, answers common questions about the history and health benefits of coffee for National Coffee Day.

Whether you are sipping a cappuccino or enjoying an iced latte, Lisa Wingrove, RD, CSO, health care program manager at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, answers your common coffee questions.

Author Kiley Kudrna | Publish Date September 28, 2020
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Follow the Leader: Experts Say This is Not the Year to Forget Your Flu Shot

  • What you need to know: With SARS-CoV-2 circulating, and the flu virus right on its heels, healthcare providers suggest flu vaccines this year more than ever.

Although the flu vaccine is not a magic pill – it can’t protect you from COVID-19 or even guarantee you won’t fall victim to the flu – it can reduce how sick you’ll get if you contract influenza and keep you out of the hospital. And during the pandemic, those are two benefits healthcare providers hope you’ll find worth the shot.

Author Kiley Kudrna | Publish Date September 25, 2020
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‘Past the Pandemic’ Supports the Mental Health of Frontline Healthcare Workers

The past six months have affected everyone, but particularly the people working the front lines in healthcare. By doing their jobs of providing care to others during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also at a high risk of feeling stressed and anxious, among many other emotions. It is critical that healthcare workers know where to go if they need help when feeling this way and have support at no charge to get them through this difficult time. 

Author Kiley Kudrna | Publish Date September 15, 2020
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