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UCH Surgical Weight Loss Center: Ready for More Patients

University of Colorado Hospital

The Surgical Weight Loss Center at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) has been accredited as a Level 1 facility by the Bariatric Surgery Center Network (BSCN) Accreditation Program of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Although the center has been successfully improving the lives and health of patients since 2004 by enabling weight loss, this designation means it has met the essential criteria established by the ACS BSCN Accreditation Program to ensure certain benchmarks are regularly met. This was UCH’s first attempt at accreditation by the ACS BSCN.

Author Staff | Publish Date January 11, 2012
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Colorado Springs City Council unanimously supports University of Colorado Hospital's bid

Colorado Springs City Council unanimously supports the University of Colorado Hospital bid for Memorial Hospital

The Colorado Springs City Council, tasked with deciding the strongest option for the future of Memorial Health System, today unanimously approved a proposal made by University of Colorado Hospital and its partners.  Colorado Springs residents will now be asked to approve a lease of Memorial in an upcoming election.

Author Staff | Publish Date January 09, 2012
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Cancer Survivorship Tool

Not only is overall quality of life higher in cancer survivors who exercise, but the rate of cancer recurrence is lower. Unfortunately, though most doctors recommend exercise,  many patients fail to follow through.

Author Staff | Publish Date January 04, 2012
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Study takes aim at education-based death rate disparities

A study in the December issue of the American Sociological Review has brought new understanding as to why death rates for less educated middle aged adults are much higher than for their more educated peers despite increased awareness and treatments aimed at reducing health disparities.

Author Staff | Publish Date December 20, 2011
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Xeris pharma to develop CU diabetes management drug

Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Austin, Texas) and the University of Colorado recently completed an exclusive license agreement for a jointly-developed method of treating the low blood sugar that is a common side effect of the insulin therapy used to treat many types of diabetes.

Author Staff | Publish Date December 12, 2011
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Scientist discovers why drug boosts memory in Down syndrome mice

A University of Colorado School of Medicine researcher who found a drug that improved memory in mice with Down syndrome has unlocked the mystery of how it works.

Author Staff | Publish Date November 22, 2011
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Milk thistle derivative stops lung cancer

Tissue with wound-like conditions allows tumors to grow and spread. In mouse lung cancer cells, treatment with silibinin, a major component of milk thistle, removed the molecular billboards that signal these wound-like conditions and so stopped the spread of these lung cancers, according to a recent study published in the journal Molecular Carcinogenesis.

Author Staff | Publish Date November 15, 2011
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Cancer League of Colorado commits $2 million toward University of Colorado Cancer Center endowed chair

Cancer League of Colorado has filled a unique niche throughout its 43 years, providing seed grants for promising yet untested cancer research projects—the types of grants no other funder offers on a systematic basis in the Rocky Mountain region.

Author Staff | Publish Date September 12, 2011
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School of Pharmacy celebrates 100 years with new name and building

School of Pharmacy Dedication

From Boulder to 9th Avenue in Denver and now to its current home on the Anschutz Medical Campus, the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy celebrated 100 years of education, patient care and scientific discovery Aug. 29 with a new building and dedication, new name and kickoff to a year-long celebration of the school’s century of care.

Author Staff | Publish Date August 29, 2011
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New brain research suggests eating disorders impact brain function

Bulimia nervosa is a severe eating disorder associated with episodic binge eating followed by extreme
behaviors to avoid weight gain such as self-induced vomiting, use of laxatives
or excessive exercise. It is poorly understood how brain function may be
involved in bulimia.

Author Staff | Publish Date July 13, 2011
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