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Grant To Study Stem-like Breast Cancer Cells

University of Colorado Cancer Center researcher Carol Sartorius

Two groups of Colorado breast cancer researchers have received a total $1.625 million in grants to better understand the role of stem-like breast cancer cells in treatment resistance and recurrence.

Author Staff | Publish Date November 15, 2010
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School of Public Health begins recruitment - National Children’s Study

Today in Douglas County the University of Colorado Denver kicked off the local recruitment phase for the National Children’s Study funded by the National Institutes on Health. The study is the largest long-term examination of environmental and genetic effects on children’s health ever conducted in the United States.

Author Jacque Montgomery | Publish Date October 26, 2010
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Low cost, nonprofit program shown to reduce obesity

In the battle against obesity, new research has found that it may not be necessary to spend a lot on a weight loss program when cheaper, nonprofit alternatives may work just as well.

Author David Kelly | Publish Date October 15, 2010
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Could brain abnormalities cause antisocial behavior and drug abuse in boys?

Antisocial boys who abuse drugs, break laws, and act recklessly are not just “bad” kids.  Many of these boys may have malfunctioning brains, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Author Jackie Brinkman | Publish Date September 21, 2010
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Cervical cancer vaccine trial

A low-cost cervical cancer vaccine developed by University of Colorado Cancer Center researchers is set to begin testing in human trials.

Author Staff | Publish Date September 20, 2010
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Health impact report available to public comment

Researchers from the Colorado School of Public Health along with Garfield County authorities are inviting the public to comment on  a new report that assesses the potential health impact of natural gas development and production.  Commissioned by the Garfield County Board of Commissioners, the Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment (HIA) was prepared by a team of environmental and public health experts from the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.
The project, which is led by Roxana Witter, MD, MS, MSPH, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, was commissioned in order to assist the Garfield County Board of Commissioners and Garfield County Public Health Department in addressing community concerns in a region with significant natural gas resources.

Author Staff | Publish Date September 20, 2010
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Discovery in mice cages can alter rodents’ brains-skew research results

Researchers at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus have found the brains of mice used in laboratories worldwide can be profoundly affected by the type of cage they are kept in, a breakthrough that may require scientists to reevaluate the way they conduct future experiments.
“We assume that mice used in laboratories are all the same, but they are not,” said Diego Restrepo, director of the Neuroscience Program and professor of cell and developmental biology whose paper on the subject was published Tuesday, June 29. “When you change the cages you change the brains and that affects the outcomes of research.”

Author David Kelly | Publish Date June 29, 2010
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Colorado cancer patients win big

Cancer patients in Colorado scored a big win today as Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed two bills into law that increase their access to anti-cancer therapies.

Author Staff | Publish Date May 16, 2010
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Patients Have New Resource in Cancer Journey

The American Cancer Society today launched its Patient Navigator Program at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, thanks to support received from AstraZeneca. This is the 4th Patient Navigator Program site, and the 4th in Colorado as part of a strategic nationwide effort to significantly extend the reach of this innovative program and assist individual cancer patients in negotiating the health care system.

Author Erika Matich | Publish Date March 11, 2010
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Theodorescu named director of University of Colorado Cancer Center

Dr. Dan Theodorescu, a cancer researcher and urologic surgeon, has been named director of theUniversity of Colorado Cancer Center, the Rocky Mountain region’s only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center.

Author Caitlin Jenney | Publish Date December 18, 2009
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