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Photos! Residency and Fellowship Graduates

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Author Stephanie Carlson | Publish Date June 20, 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 CU Pharmacy residency and fellowship graduates here is the full list of graduates, along with photos from the ceremony held earlier this month. Congratulations as well to CU Pharmacy faculty member, Sarah Scoular, PharmD, she was chosen as Preceptor of the Year for the PGY1 Residency Program by the students. For more on our residency programs click here. For fellowships click here. Congratulations to all of the graduates and we wish you the best!

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  • Craig James Furnish                        Pharmacy Residency
  • Gerald Joseph Guirard III              Pharmacy Residency
  • Jamal M. Jamil                                 Pharmacy Residency
  • Mika Leann Jankowski                   Pharmacy Residency
  • Samantha Wagner                           Pharmacy Residency
  • Jenna L. Yager                                  Pharmacy Residency


  • Austin Morgan                                  Community Pharmacy Residency
  • Brittany Jean Stocks                        Community Pharmacy Residency


  • Cora L. Housley                                 Pharmacy Residency in Critical Care


  • Ian P. Hatlee                                       Pharmacy Residency in Ambulatory Care
  • Emanuela Valentina Mooney          Pharmacy Residency in Ambulatory Care
  • Scott M. Pearson                                Pharmacy Residency in Ambulatory Care
  • Julianna Rivich                                  Pharmacy Residency in Ambulatory Care


  • Nicole Lynne Wex                              Pharmacy Residency in Emergency Medicine


  • Claymore J. Cuny                             Pharmacy Residency in Oncology
  • Sasha K. Haarberg                           Pharmacy Residency in Oncology


  • Nichole Rae Neville                         Pharmacy Residency in Infectious Diseases


  • Lauren J. Heath                                Ambulatory Care Outcomes Research Fellowship
  • Shubha Bhat                                      Ambulatory Care Outcomes Research Fellowship


  • Edward Thomas Van Matre                Critical Care Research Fellowship