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Denver Post: Colorado Latinos Grapple With Increased Risk of Coronavirus Infections

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Written by The Denver Post on April 25, 2020

Latino residents, who make up about 20% of Colorado’s population, are becoming sick with the coronavirus at a disproportionately high rate, accounting for almost one-third of the state’s cases. And at least in Denver, they are hospitalized more than any other racial or ethnic group, according to data from the state and city public health departments. The numbers point to a pattern that people of color — including black Coloradans who are dying at a higher rate than their share of the population — are seeing elevated infection rates.  

Advocates worry about increased risks to people of color, but it’s difficult to analyze all contributing factors without widespread testing, tracing and more data on individual cases, said Dr. Lisa DeCamp of the Latino Research and Policy Center at the Colorado School of Public Health.  

“We are concerned about the number of people infected in Colorado and across the country,” she said. “We don’t have much information on the baseline.”  

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