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Colorado School of Public Health News and Stories

Public Health

Public Health    Announcements    Injury & Violence Prevention

The Injury and Violence Prevention Center Releases 2023 Impact Report

The Injury and Violence Prevention Center (IVPC) at the Colorado School of Public Health and Colorado School of Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, is pleased to announce the 2023 Impact Report. This report highlights the Center’s significant achievements, innovative research and evaluation efforts, and community outreach from 2023.

Author Noelle Musgrave | Publish Date June 04, 2024
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Research    Public Health    Epidemiology    Giving    Awards    Maternal & Child Health

ColoradoSPH Awarded $15 Million for Research on Environmental Influences on Child Health

The Colorado School of Public Health (ColoradoSPH) has been awarded $1.2 million this year to contribute to an National Institutes of Health-funded initiative Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO). The award is part of a planned seven-year grant with an estimated total value of $15 million for the Colorado participation. 

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In Memory of Henry “Hank” Gardner

Father, husband, brother, son, grandfather, uncle, friend, colleague, academic leader, visionary, mentor, and soldier, Henry S. (Hank) Gardner, Jr., DrPH, MSPH, 71, died peacefully on August 9, with his family at his side.

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Students    Diversity    Public Health    Student and Alumni    ColoradoSPH at UNC

Advocating for Those Who Look Like Him, Rudy Vargas Helps Undocumented Students Find Support

Rudy Vargas knows about earning success the hard way. He’s faced challenges in his life with limited resources and support. He overcame them, but he doesn’t want others to have similar experiences. Along the way, he determined that he would devote himself to serving under-resourced communities.

Author Tyler Smith | Publish Date August 19, 2021
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Public Health    Obesity    Awards    Maternal & Child Health

Dr. Charlotte Farewell Receives the Lorna Grindlay Moore, PhD Faculty Launch Award

Dr. Charlotte Farewell, Senior Research Instructor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health, received the Lorna Grindlay Moore, PhD Faculty Launch Award. The title of her abstract is, "Fostering Resilience Among Mothers Early (FRAME): Protective Impacts on Obesity in Early and Middle Childhood."

Learn more about the Lorna Grindlay Moore, PhD Faculty Launch Fund on the OB-GYN funding opportunities page

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Public Health    Environment    Global Health    Worker Health

ColoradoSPH Partners With One of Central America’s Largest Sugar Producers to Improve Farm Worker Health

The Center for Health, Work & Environment and the Center for Global Health at the Colorado School of Public Health announced a new partnership with Pantaleon, one of the largest sugar producers in Central America, to further understand the health risks of sugar cane workers and improve prevention efforts.   

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Colorado School of Public Health In the News

The Denver Post

“Hear/Say”, a groundbreaking art exhibition, explores the effects of high-concentration cannabis

news outletThe Denver Post
Publish DateJune 11, 2024

At the intersection of art, science, and health, BRDG Project Gallery at 3300 Tejon St. in Denver hosting “Hear/Say”, a groundbreaking art exhibition exploring the effects of high-concentration cannabis. Sponsored by the Colorado School of Public Health, the show is a science-based examination that encourages conversation and open-minded understanding of a controversial subject through the artistic lens of local and national artists. The public is invited to view the exhibition from June 14 through July 14, 2024 during regular BRDG Project gallery hours. 

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Cancer Network

Learning to “Aim High” Within Male-Dominated Fields in Public Health

news outletCancer Network
Publish DateJune 10, 2024

Within public health, the field of health economics is one that has historically been male-dominated. Forging a path to find your voice and learning to stand out as a woman can be difficult. During a Breaking Barriers: Women in Oncology discussion, Cathy Bradley, PhD, and Lindsay M. Sabik, PhD, both spoke about why they chose to work in this field and how they both have had to overcame challenges hold the positions they have today.

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Man with First Human Case of H5N2 Bird Flu Variant Dies in Mexico

news outletHealthline
Publish DateJune 07, 2024

A 59-year-old man in Mexico who contracted a type of bird flu known as A(H5N2) died in April, the World Health Organization said June 5Trusted Source. This is the first laboratory-confirmed human case of infection with an A(H5N2) virus worldwide, and the first avian H5 virus reported in a person in Mexico, the WHO said. “These viruses, such as H5N1 and now H5N2, primarily circulate among birds, with occasional spillover into mammals, including humans, under the right circumstances,” said Daniel Pastula, MD, MHS, chief of neuro-infectious diseases and global neurology at the University of Colorado and Colorado School of Public Health.

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Smoke exposure from California’s wildfires linked to 52,000 early deaths, study says

news outletSTAT News
Publish DateJune 07, 2024

When large swaths of the East Coast were shrouded in wildfire smoke last summer, scientists in California grimly joked that maybe, finally, power brokers in New York and Washington, D.C. would be spurred to act on the burning issue that has long plagued the West Coast. Despite wildfire seasons that regularly burn hundreds of thousands of acres in California alone each year, researchers know relatively little about the long-term effects of chronic wildfire smoke on the body, and funding to reduce the known harms of exposure is scarce.

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