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Conducting research at the CU School of Dental Medicine

CU Dental Researchers, Students and Fellows Awarded Several Grants by NIDCR, NIH

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Written by SDM Comms on August 3, 2020

Our CU Dental research teams received more than $1M in grants from top-tier organizations like the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and the National Institutes of Health. Their exceptional work deserves recognition, along with the mentees, who have helped spearhead these latest developments. Congratulations to the awardees!

Below is the list of CU Dental researchers (lab names), students, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows awarded:

Pre-doctoral Awards

Dennison, Brenna - NIDCR
Srsf3-mediated alternative RNA splicing in the facial mesenchyme
(FANTAUZZO LAB) Total Award: $75,040

Madison Rogers - NIDCR
Examining PDGFR dimer-specific activation and internalization dynamics
(FANTAUZZO LAB) Total Award: $112,560

Raisa, Bailon - National Science Foundation Fellowship
Midline Appendage Formation in Vertabrates
(NICHOLS LAB) Total Award:  $138,000

Truong, Brittany - National Institute of Child Health Development
Understanding the role of PRDM1 in limb development and split hand/foot malformation
(ARTINGER LAB) Total Award: $110,160

Postdoctoral Awards

Mitchell, Jennyfer
Using Zebrafish as an in vivo Model for Frontonasal Development and Disease
(NICHOLS LAB) Total Award: $217,962

Kanai, Stanley - NIDCR
Deciphering the Endothelin Receptor Type A Dependent G Protein Code that Patterns the Mandibular First Pharyngeal Arch
(CLOUTHIER LAB) Total Award: $224,082

Lencer, Ezra - National Institute of Child Health Development
The role of mesoderm in regulating cell polarity and adhesion during neural crest cell migration
(ARTINGER LAB) Total Award $69,810

2019 Awards from NIDCR

Affandi, Trisianii
PKCδ regulates chromatin remodeling and DNA repair
(REYLAND LAB) Total Award: $132,356

Shull, Lomeli
Functions of PRDM Histone Methyltransferases in Cranial Neural Crest Cell Development
(ARTINGER LAB) Total Award: $207,582

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