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Tracy de Peralta portrait

CU Dental Senior Associate Dean Awarded Prestigious ELAM Program Fellowship

Dr. Tracy de Peralta Joins the 2022-2023 Class of Fellows in the Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine® Program.

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Written by Laura Ramsey on June 27, 2022

Aurora, Colo. (June 27, 2022) – The Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine® (ELAM®) Program announced its 2022-2023 class of fellows, featuring University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine’s Tracy de Peralta, DMD, PhD, MClinEd.

De Peralta is the senior associate dean of academic affairs and innovation and an associate professor at the CU SDM. She serves on the school’s strategic leadership team and is currently spearheading preparations for accreditation. An award-winning educator, de Peralta has studied, practiced and taught around the world. Her research has been published on a variety of topics, ranging from student engagement and clinical competency to biological considerations of restorative dentistry. Most recently, her expertise in digital education and innovation helped the school to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021-2024.

On her acceptance, de Peralta said, “The ELAM fellowship is an incredible opportunity for me to learn, build and sharpen my leadership skills with the intention to promote existing quality in academic programs, as well as advance positive change in the interest of future health science education."

The ELAM program, hosted by Drexel University College of Medicine, prepares women faculty for senior leadership roles in schools of medicine, dentistry, public health and pharmacy. It is a year-long part-time fellowship with coaching, networking and mentorship opportunities to develop the leadership skills needed in today’s complex health care environment.

“The [fellows] are exceptional leaders who are capable of making critical systemic change in their institutions,” ELAM Executive Director Nancy D. Spector, MD, said in a statement. “The need for the highest quality leaders in academic health care has never been greater, and we are doing everything we can to help meet that need by providing outstanding and innovative leadership training for women.”

With more than 1200 program alumnae serving in various leadership positions at academic health centers across the U.S. and Canada, the program continues to make an impact in advancing women in medicine.

“Bringing learning, teaching and practicing communities together within the health sciences promotes diversity of thought and perspective, ultimately enhancing existing and future values for a productive collaboration of health science disciplines moving forward.”

- ELAM Fellow Tracy de Peralta, DMD, PhD, MClinEd


As part of the program, fellows conduct an Institutional Action Project that addresses an important need or priority. De Peralta is developing an initiative called Education Studio in collaboration with CU SDM Dean Denise Kassebaum, DDS, MS, and CU Anschutz Associate Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives and Professor Laura Borgelt, PharmD, MBA.

“Our mission in Education Studio is to collaboratively consider shared research questions and methodologies in collecting evidence for best practice in clinical education across the Anschutz Medical Campus and globally,” said de Peralta. “I am very proud to announce that with the success of our first Education Studio event, many have expressed interest in collaborating on educational research projects based on topics sparked by Education Studio. For this purpose, Education Network will be a framework facilitating Education Studio participants to expand their opportunity to work in finding evidence together on best practice in teaching and learning of the health sciences.”

Kassebaum is thrilled to support and work with de Peralta in this venture. “Our school is proud to be a leader in dental education innovation. Dr. de Peralta brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will only grow with this incredible ELAM fellowship opportunity. The early success of Education Studio is a testament to the creative ideas and thoughtful execution Dr. de Peralta is capable of producing.”





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