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Press Coverage

Kuwaiti Grad Finds Creativity in Dentistry

Mohammad Alshemali delves into life studying dentistry at CU Anschutz

Author CU Anschutz News | Publish Date May 18, 2021

When Mohammad Alshemali witnessed a near-fatal accident as a teen in Kuwait, his decision to work in the healthcare field was solidified. He was playing soccer with his family, and his cousin ran into the road after a ball and was hit by a car.

It took the ambulance nearly 30 minutes to arrive, and Alshemali thought his cousin was going to die.

Luckily, after weeks in the ICU, his cousin made a full recovery. “After the accident, it just clicked in my mind the importance of the healthcare field and how you as a person can change other people’s lives. At that moment, I decided that this is the career I want to pursue.” Alshemali recalled.

Alshemali is set to graduate from the School of Dental Medicine this month.