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Laura Ramsey

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Public Health Agencies Turn to Locals to Extend Reach Into Immigrant Communities

news outletKHN
Publish DateSeptember 18, 2023

When covid-19 vaccines became available, Colorado public health officials initially relied on mass vaccination events publicized through Facebook, email, and texts, and required Coloradans to book appointments online. But when that go-big strategy drove large disparities in who was getting vaccinated, public health departments in the Denver area decided to go small instead.

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Rocky Mountain PBS

Colorado doctor highlights the need for cultural representation in the medical field

news outletRocky Mountain PBS
Publish DateApril 07, 2023

 Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Cousar, a pediatric and adult pulmonologist at National Jewish Health, is committed to creating systemic racial change for patients in the medical field. 

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Medical Xpress

'Other' race/ethnicity linked to higher suicide and overdose risk in military members with mild TBI

news outletMedical Xpress
Publish DateMarch 08, 2023

Previous studies have reported high rates of death by suicide and drug overdose—including opioid overdose—in military service members with a history of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  A new study finds that those risks are highest among military members with mTBI who identify their racial/ethnic status as "Other," as opposed to standard racial/ethnic categories. The study is published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

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A Denver Researcher Highlights Older Queer Women Through Photographs

news outlet5280
Publish DateFebruary 27, 2023

Carey Candrian knows there isn’t much space for art in medicine or academia.

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