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A Community Effort

New CU Anschutz ambassadors are advocating for campus safety and well-being

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Written by Kiley Carroll on October 13, 2020

What you need to know: New CU Anschutz community advocates welcome those on campus and answer questions about social distancing, masks and return to campus protocols.

What do two teachers, a theatrical and live entertainment producer, and a public health student have in common?

Terry Scott

Terry Scott, teacher

They are our new CU Anschutz community advocates. 

You may have seen these four community advocates out and about on campus. They are helping to welcome those approved for on-campus activity and answering questions about physical distancing, masks, campus check-in and screening protocols.

“By having familiar faces for students to engage with regularly, we hope to help students feel less isolated during these difficult times,” said Kara Garr, the project manager for the Academic Reconstitution Team in Campus Student Services. “The community advocates were selected because of their outgoing and friendly nature, and they are very excited to increase the safety and well-being of those coming to campus.”

Meet the community advocates

Julia (2)








Julia Tobey, theatrical and live

entertainment producer

The advocates are: Terry Scott, teacher; Julia Tobey, theatrical and live entertainment producer; Andrea Forsythe, teacher; and Naz Sarpoulaki, public health student. As a bonus, while the four are helping to keep the campus safe and open by encouraging adherence to return-to-campus guidelines, they will be handing out T-shirts and mugs.

“I hope that everyone understands our goal is to keep everyone safe so that students can continue to have classes on campus,” Forsythe said. “The moment it becomes unsafe, these privileges can be taken away from everyone. It’s a community effort.” 

Sarpoulaki added, “I’ve already started seeing familiar faces, and the people who may not have been wearing a mask before are starting to. Hopefully as we do our job, the word will spread across campus.”


Andrea Forsythe, teacher

Even if it feels like the rules are endless, remember that by following the guidelines, you are keeping your colleagues and peers healthy and ensuring that the campus can stay open. The community advocates’ goal is to help keep our community safe so that we can keep learning and creating breakthroughs on campus. We’re in this together. 

Thank you for doing your part to help keep #CUAnschutzTogether.










Naz Sarpoulaki, public health student

Questions? Please contact Kara Garr, project manager for the Academic Reconstitution Team.

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