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Campus Life

Block Party reaches new heights

Record crowd, booths — and temps — highlight sixth-annual event

Author Chris Casey | Publish Date September 13, 2018

The Quad Bungee Trampoline towered over the CU Anschutz Block Party, its brave bouncers soaring and somersaulting high above the many food trucks, booths and tables in Bonfils Circle.

Block Party trampoline

Adrielle Seideman and Lizzie Ambros, both first-year College of Nursing students, enjoyed the Quad Bungee Trampoline at the Block Party.

Adrielle Seideman, a first-year student in the College of Nursing (CON), saw the contraption and knew what to do: “I want to do more things that scare me — it’s a goal.” So, she embraced her inner Cirque du Soleil and strapped in. “I call it the ‘who needs drugs?’ ride,” said Seideman, her face flush from exertion and adrenaline. “It was higher up than I thought it would be.”

Reaching new heights could have been the Block Party’s theme, as the sixth annual event broke records in terms of attendance (3,500), information booths (140) and official sponsors (eight).

Block Party attendees

With temperatures reaching the mid-90s, Block Party attendees took full advantage of the shaded tables at Bonfils Circle.

As always, the event offered a cornucopia of food, swag, games, live music and unexpected attractions — an oversized Venus flytrap, two butterfly women on standard stilts, an acrobat on spring-loaded stilts and a living “statue.” With temperatures hovering in the mid-90s, the shaded tables were easily among the most popular hang-out spots.

Flytrap at Block Party

A student at CU Anschutz gets up close to the Venus flytrap during the Sept. 12 Block Party.

Lizzie Ambros, another first-year student in CON who gravitated to the trampoline, said it was fun to see the campus “revving” back up after a fairly quiet summer. “Our interdisciplinary programs through school are starting up, and this event has the same atmosphere — all the different disciplines coming together,” she said. “It feels like we’re all part of the same home together. I like that feeling!”

A group of nurse anesthetists from University of Colorado Hospital, all in scrubs, enjoyed lunch while listening to the Guerilla Fanfare Brass Band. “It’s nice to get out of the OR and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and blue sky,” one of them said.

Nurses at Block Party

This group of nurse anesthetists from University of Colorado Hospital enjoyed lunch while listening to the Guerilla Fanfare Brass Band.

Second-year School of Medicine students Carlos Jaquez and Hannah Imlay surveyed the food options while toting handfuls of swag (toothpaste and toothbrushes were popular items). Imlay enjoyed learning about other educational opportunities on campus, and Jaquez added, “It’s cool to see all the different organizations that are here on campus, as well as around the local community. It’s fun to find out about them.”

Seideman took advantage of the event by not only squashing her fear of heights, but also chatting with folks from across the many disciplines at CU Anschutz. “I love meeting people in other schools and colleges,” she said. “I also love the live music, the creative vibe and the great green space here for people to do their thing and just enjoy themselves for a couple hours.”