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CU Anschutz 360: Tzu Phang talks data science, favorite food and book he's reading

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Author Blair Ilsley | Publish Date March 14, 2019

Tzu Phang, PhD, is an associate professor in the CU School of Medicine and the Colorado School of Public Health. Better known as Tzu by his students, he teaches and demystifies data science. Outside of the classroom, he advises scientists across campus in designing and analyzing datasets. He also hosts a bi-weekly bioinformatics journal club every other Friday.

You can learn more about Phang and his work with the biocomputing unit for the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine on his website, Tzuinformatics.

CU Anschutz Today caught up with Phang for a candid, rapid-fire interview to reveal the glamorous side of data science, as well as share his favorite food, day of the week and the book he’s currently reading, “Barking Up the Wrong Tree.”