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CU Anschutz Launches FindHelpNow Crisis Navigation Tool

Directing campus community members to services in moments of need

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Written by Staff on January 24, 2022
What You Need To Know

A new online tool – FindHelpNow – launched Jan. 24 and provides anonymous mental health and wellness support to the CU Anschutz community.

The stress and uncertainty we have faced as a campus community – particularly since March 2020 – has manifested itself in different ways for each of us. 

With those stressors comes the sometimes difficult additional step of tracking down the right help. 

On Jan. 24, a new online tool at CU Anschutz – FindHelpNow – will help make that process easier. With a focus on mental health and wellness, this tool is part of the campus strategic initiatives of Investing in Our People and Enhancing the Student Experience

FindHelpNow – accessible at help.cuanschutz.edu – matches students, faculty and staff to relevant services and resources in just a few clicks. Providing direction to the right help, at the right time and no personal information is ever collected or stored.

The process is easy: answer a short, anonymous questionnaire and FindHelpNow will quickly suggest a list of the right support services available on campus. 

Whether the situation is coping with a stressful event, a family challenge, financial hardship, or a mental and/or physical health condition, FindHelpNow will help connect our campus community to the correct resources in moments of need. 

The goal with the new tool is to help simplify accessing services by ensuring they are easily available in one central location. Campus leaders are optimistic that removing barriers to care will make it easier to ask for help. 

findhelpnow layout

FindHelpNow asks a short series questions to provide resources quickly. 

“We want our community to know that it is normal to ask for and to need help. Whatever is on your shoulders, you don’t have to carry it alone,” said Carolyn Brownawell, MBA, CCP, associate vice chancellor and chief human resources officer at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. 

That not only applies to just faculty and staff, but all students at CU Anschutz as well. 

“In addition to the academic rigors that health science students ordinarily navigate, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to our students at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus," said Jan Gascoigne, PhD, MCHES, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. "With the FindHelpNowTool, we’re adding another resource to support our students in these unprecedented times by providing this intuitive and quick way to get to the needed resources any time of day, night or weekend.”

As always, if you or anyone you know on campus is struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or needs assistance in other ways – know you are never alone. Through FindHelpNow or other events and services on campus, there is always help available. 

FindHelpNow Benefits: 

  • Makes it easy to find help, anytime. Whether exploring options for yourself or for someone else, FindHelpNow puts them all together in one place.
  • For everyone on campus. Our university is a community, and we look out for one another. If you see someone struggling, you can point them toward FindHelpNow, or gather resources on their behalf. 
  • Can be used for distress of any shape or size. Whether your situation is large or small, sudden or gradual, related to health or finances, relationships or academics. No matter what life throws your way, help is here for you. 
  • 100% anonymous. No personal information is ever collected or stored. Your use cannot be tied to your identity in any way. 

SafeZone App notice: FindHelpNow is an essential crisis navigation tool that helps students, faculty and staff connect to the right help in moments of need. This tool is available online and differs from the SafeZone app, which alerts campus police for in-person crises or emergencies on campus. All CU Anschutz community members are encouraged to download the SafeZone app for emergency use on campus. 

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