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CU Denver | Anschutz Emergency Management to Start Divisions Specifically for Each Campus

Emergency Management divisions ensure a high level of preparedness and readiness for the campuses

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Written by Guest Contributor on November 1, 2022

Starting this week, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and CU Denver campus will each have its own Emergency Management divisions. Historically, the CU Denver | Anschutz Police Department has provided emergency management services to both campuses as a dual-campus department. To better meet the needs of each unique campus, emergency management for CU Anschutz will remain with the Police Department, while a new division for these services will begin on the Denver campus.

Essi Ellis, who has been the director of emergency management for both campuses for many years, will focus solely on the Denver campus going forward. In addition to traditional emergency management duties, Ellis will be responsible for the Denver campus’ Clery Act compliance and security guard contract. Program manager Tyler Bogema will also join Ellis on the Denver campus.

Garrey Martinez, who for the past two years has served as emergency management program manager for both campuses, will lead the division for CU Anschutz. The campus will soon hire an additional emergency management employee to assist Martinez.

The Emergency Management divisions ensure a high level of preparedness and readiness for the campuses. Preparedness activities include:

  • Campus-wide emergency planning.
  • Planning and preparedness for all schools and colleges during all phases of emergencies (preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery, and continuity of operations, aka COOP).
  • Preparedness education and outreach for all members of the campus community.
  • Facilitation of training and exercises with campus partners and stakeholders.
  • Coordination and collaboration with campus partners, as well as external stakeholders (other campuses, other universities, local, county, state, and federal partners).
  • Management and continued development of the campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Guest contributor: Ryan Huff, University Police communications

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