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How to Use the Campus Events Calendar

A guide for students, faculty, staff and community members

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Written by Kiley Carroll on April 20, 2023
What You Need To Know

Learn how to use the campus events calendar to post and view events.

Looking for events happening on campus? Wondering how to better promote your event? Need a one-stop-shop for all campus events? Look no further than the CU Anschutz Medical Campus Events Calendar. 

Students, faculty and staff can view posted events and sign up to receive event digest emails about specific events or event categories. You can then filter your email digest by department, audience, event type or topic.

To make sure you have the latest on upcoming events:

  1. Visit calendar.cuanschutz.edu.

  2. Click "Get event notifications!" at the top right to create one or more email digests.

  3. Add parameters for the digest, including your email, day to receive, frequency, and filters to include/exclude what events are curated.

  4. Save changes.

Email should arrive in your inbox based on how it’s configured.

Note: You do not need to log in to the calendar to sign up for digest emails.

All events are now to be posted on the campus events calendar.

To add your event to the calendar – general calendar user:

  1. Visit calendar.cuanschutz.edu.

  2. Login or create an account using your email or single sign-on.

  3. Add event information (name, description, date, time, location, high-quality image).

  4. Apply all relevant filters.

  5. Select a department to identify as the hosting unit, and the submission will be routed for approval.

  6. Click the "Submit Event" button.

Once submitted, events are published only after being approved, which can take up to two business days.

If you would like your event featured so it is displayed at the top of the calendar webpage and on the CU Anschutz home page, please send an email to events@cuanschutz.edu. Featured events must be open to all and appeal to the wider campus community.

To add your event to the calendar – event administrator:

  1. Visit calendar.cuanschutz.edu.

  2. Sign in to your account using your university credentials.

  3. Click the calendar icon at the top of the page to go to your admin dashboard.

  4. Click the “Create New Event” button on the top menu bar to open the event form.

  5. Add event information (name, description, date, time, location, high-quality image).

  6. The department for which you have been given permissions must be selected in order to skip the approval process and make your event live immediately.

  7. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. 

Don’t yet have a Department Landing Page for your unit or want to request Event Administrator permissions? Please contact events@cuanschutz.edu.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the events calendar here. If you have other questions regarding the calendar, contact events@cuanschutz.edu

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