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Recipients of the 2020-2021 University Research Awards

Congratulations to the countless researchers who have contributed to the CU Anschutz research mission over the last 18 months

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Written by Staff on November 2, 2021
What You Need To Know

With all the disruptions and challenges over the last 18 months, CU Anschutz took a moment to recognize the outstanding efforts of those who have supported and elevated our research mission despite those obstacles.

Dear Research Colleagues,

Congratulations to all those nominated for the 2020-2021 University Research Awards focused on our response to COVID-19. There are countless members of the research community who have contributed to our research mission over the last 18 months. We had more than 100 nominations and the selection of these awardees was a very challenging task for the review committee.

Please watch the video recording of the ceremony here: 

At this time, we are honored to announce the following award recipients:

  • COVID-19 Innovation Award 2021
    • Thomas Greany, DDS
  • COVID-19 Resilience Awards
    • Extraordinary Dedication to Research Community
      • Alison McGrath
    • Outstanding Research Collaboration
      • The Colorado COVID-19 Modeling Group (CU Anschutz team members: Jon Samet, Elizabeth Carlton, Debashis Ghosh, Irina Kasarskis, Talia Quandelacy, Katie Colborn, Tatiane Santos and Meghan Buran) 
      • Immunology Initiative COVID Research Team (Rosemary Rochford, Elena Hsieh, Ross Kedl, Thomas Morrison, Vijaya Knight and Ashley Frazer-Abel)
    • Outstanding Clinical Research Coordination
      • Haley Steinert 
      • June Homdayjanakul
    • Outstanding Core Facility Support
      • Jennifer Cathcart 
      • Nicolas Busquet, PhD
      • Kimberly Jordan, PhD
    • Outstanding Basic Research PRA/ Senior PRA
      • Keith Smith
      • Crystal Minjarez
      • Kelsey Barner
    • Outstanding Student
      • Kimberlyn Cook
    • Outstanding Administrative Professional
      • Katherine Kuhn
      • Christy Vasey
    • Outstanding Contribution to a Research Unit
      • Montelle Tamez

Thomas Flaig, MD

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