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This is BREAKTHROUGH: Telling our story to the world

CU Anschutz launches first-ever identity and advertising campaign

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Written by Staff on September 15, 2019

When an academic medical campus attracts the best minds in science and unleashes them on the biggest challenges in health care, barriers simply don’t stand a chance.

When a campus combines world-class clinical practice, education and research, diseases and complex problems run for cover.

When dynamic collaboration is in our DNA – finding new ways to work together to improve and transform lives – anything is possible.

Those of us who work here already know that, every day, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus pushes the boundaries in innovation, care and discovery.

Now, the world will see it as well. This is … BREAKTHROUGH.   

This is Breakthrough

Telling the world

This month, CU Anschutz launches a new identity and advertising campaign, This is Breakthrough, that showcases how the three entities on campus – the University of Colorado, Children’s Hospital Colorado and UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital – deliver cutting-edge health science and patient care.

CU Anschutz Chancellor Don Elliman often makes the point that, for more than a decade, our campus has been constructing new buildings and recruiting top talent to address the world’s most pressing health issues. With an unwavering commitment to discovery and transformational health care, our momentum is undeniable.

But it’s all happened rather quietly. It’s a story that needs to be told. Now it will be. 

“With this marketing effort, we aim to make the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus name renowned from coast to coast, and our brand synonymous with world-class health science and care,” he said.

Partnerships fuel breakthroughs

Elliman notes that a main contributor to our success is the fact that we share a campus with two outstanding hospital partners, delivering top-quality care from pediatrics to geriatrics.

“This new campaign distills the essence of this place: how, together with our hospital partners, we’re breaking down barriers in health science to accomplish the extraordinary,” he said.

This is BreakthroughThis is Breakthrough will spotlight people and stories behind the leading-edge research, education, innovation and treatments that power our campus. A sampling:

  • Evalina Burger-Van der Walt, MD, chair of orthopedics, for her groundbreaking development of new metal-alloy compositions to improve orthopedic implants;
  • Terry Fry, MD, professor of pediatrics, hematology, and immunology, and director of cancer immunotherapy, for his work with CAR-T cell therapy, a process by which a cancer patient’s immune cells are extracted, genetically modified and stimulated to recognize tumors and to fight cancer when reinfused into the patient’s body; and
  • Naresh Mandava MD, chair of ophthalmology, for his work to cure blinding retinal diseases in conjunction with the department’s CellSight collaborative research teams.

Learn more at the Block Party

Watch for TV commercials – the first in campus history – to begin airing later this month, featuring many more of our remarkable CU Anschutz Medical Campus faculty. Advertisements will also appear in health professional journals, magazines and newspapers, digital and radio, at conferences and in outdoor locations.

You can get a preview of the campaign, along with This is Breakthrough giveaways, at the Sept. 18 Block Party. Just go to the Communications tent at Bonfils Circle in front of the Fitzsimons Building.

This is Breakthrough was developed based on data from brand-recognition research, and tailored to bolster CU Anschutz Medical Campus brand awareness in the general public and with physicians throughout the country.

So be sure to keep an eye out for this exciting campaign that tells our story – loud and clear – to the world: At the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, we’re shaping the future.

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