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What you need to know about InfoEd changes

Learn what's changing and what you'll find familiar with InfoEd

Author Staff | Publish Date August 21, 2019

Beginning Monday, Nov. 25, InfoEd will look and feel differently to what you are used to. While the functional changes are minimal, there are some new features that may change the way you search the Conflict of Interest (COI), Human Subjects (HS), Proposal Development (PD) and Proposal Tracking (PT) modules.

What is changing?

InfoEd is being upgraded several versions to the most current version – 812.01. With this upgrade, you will primarily see aesthetic changes in color, look and feel. The functionality you are used to will not change significantly.

The most important changes you will see with the upgrade are as follows:

  • The new Enable landing page includes Widgets;
  • Flyouts with extended navigation functionality were added;
  • The search function has changed to selection of preferred parameters;
  • Changes to the titles of certain fields to allow searching across modules (e.g. “Proposal number” or “Certification number” will be shown as “Record Number”);
  • The “adding personnel” functionality uses progressive text instead of alpha split; and
  • For COI, you can now submit your disclosure with fewer clicks.

Why are we upgrading?

We are implementing the upgrade for the following reasons:

  • We are currently several versions behind in InfoEd, meaning that we can’t receive patches, upgrades or enhancements to the software;
  • Version 812.01 includes enhancements we need, and lays the foundation to keep current and to accept desired features; and
  • We are not using the InfoEd to its fullest potential today and this upgrade will allow us to do so.

The Regulatory Compliance Office, Office of Grants and Contracts and The Office of Information Technology are partnering to bring this upgrade to you. There will be many opportunities to engage with these departments to learn more about the upgrade, the changes and to provide feedback. Keep an eye out for town halls, newsletter articles, training opportunities and more in the coming months.

Have questions about the InfoEd 812.01 upgrade project? Please reach out to erasupport@ucdenver.edu