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CU College of Nursing student Becca Feldman

Finding Her Religion: UCAN Student Takes a Leap of Faith to Nursing Career

Written by Bob Mook on December 6, 2022

Becca Feldman earned a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from CU Boulder in 2016, but she found her true calling in healthcare while working as a medical assistant for an ear, nose and throat specialist. Though much of her job was administrative, she got to help with some surgical procedures and remove stitches.

“I started working for a doctor after I graduated from college at an outpatient clinic,” she says. “I really liked the hands-on side of the medical world.”

Seizing this epiphany, Feldman enrolled in CU Nursing’s Accelerated Bachelor’s degree program (UCAN). She graduates in December 2022.

"I realized that I really liked the hands-on side of the medical world.”
– CU Nursing UCAN Student Becca Feldman

Going back to school

“I was nervous before starting as my previous degree was not science-related,” says Feldman. “Contrary to what others may think, the gap between religious studies and nursing is not that vast or insurmountable.”

Feldman believes that her degree in religious studies and interest in culture has enabled her to connect with people from different backgrounds especially when doing clinicals at Denver Health where a majority of patients are Spanish-speaking and/or low income. And her experience learning about other people, their spirituality, culture and humanity has served her well during the nursing program as empathy is important for both pursuits.

What’s next?

Weighing her career options, Feldman says she will most likely start in a hospital for one year and possibly get experience on an oncology floor with cancer patients.

“I could see myself doing outpatient nursing of some sort or possibly community health,” she says. “I also have an interest in psych-behavioral health, so I haven’t completely narrowed down what I want to do.”

Her advice for future UCAN students: “Don't put so much pressure on yourself to get everything right or perfect right away. It takes time to learn everything.”

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