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Sarah Williams, CU College of Nursing Student


Inspired to Better the System

Author Katelyn Nolan | Publish Date May 19, 2019

Sarah Williams chose the nursing profession for two reasons. From a young age, she felt the pull toward helping women during childbirth. Then, three years ago, her mother passed away from complications with diabetes. Unfortunately, the care that her mother received did not meet the family’s expectations. Inspired to better the system and fulfill her long-time goals, Williams landed on nursing as her career.

Because she received a GED rather than a high school diploma, Williams did not believe a university was in her future. However, she discovered herself at CU Nursing. Even though she sometimes struggled to believe she could obtain and maintain high grades, she learned what she is capable of and is grateful for Assistant Professor Teresa Connolly. “She has an amazing teaching style. She’s tough, but understanding,” said Williams. Most of all, “She was considerate of different learning styles.”

Williams has two children (9 and 12), both of whom are incredibly supportive of her aspirations in nursing.  According to Williams, “They think it’s awesome. They’ve been both patient and reasonable about my school work. I hope it inspires them to get a degree, no matter what.” Her children are not the only family members Williams has inspired. Her little sister is in high school. Once she graduates, she will be looking to the nursing programs here at the CU College of Nursing, too.

Working in a labor and delivery unit is Williams’ next step. As graduation approaches, she is in the thick of applying for positions. Ideally, she would like to pursue a MS in Midwifery here at CU Nursing. She has “loved the team environment and structure.”