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Pediatric Residency Program Awards

Announcing the 2024 Pediatrics Residency Awards

At the end of each academic year, awards are given in the Pediatric Residency Program to trainees, faculty and medical staff who have demonstrated excellence and made outstanding contributions in the program throughout the year. The Department of Pediatrics is proud to announce our 2024 awardees. Please see the Annual Pediatric Residency Awards page for award descriptions.

Congratulations to the following resident awardees who are nominated and voted for by faculty:

Garber Award – Taylor Jones, MD
DH Senior Award – Shweta Bhatia, MD
Jason French Hospital Medicine Award – Alexandra Collell, MD
Health Justice, Advocacy & Equity Leadership Award – Keren Eyal, MD, MPH
Jules Amer Award – Clare Burchenal, MD
Gary Way Award – Julia Hudnut-Tanabe, MD

Congratulations to the following awardees who are nominated and voted for by residents:

Outstanding Nurse Award – Wade Koontz, RN, BSN
Fellow's Teaching Award – Jessica Frelinger, MD
Outstanding Multi-disciplinary Team Member Award – Jim Brown, EdD

Congratulations to the following residents, nominated and voted for by pediatrics medical students:

Resident Teaching Award – Lauren Aiello, MD, Molly Crenshaw, MD and Mariana Niño de Guzmán Ramírez, MD

Additionally, an award is given to an organization or person whose core mission is to improve the health and safety of the patients and families that we serve:

Outstanding Community Partner Award – Ashley Cuber, JD

We would also like to extend a special note of appreciation to our residents who thoughtfully advocated for our newcomer patients and families at an institutional level, writing letters to hospital leadership; on a community level, raising $4,285 through the AAP for DME, prescriptions and food for newly arriving families who are hospitalized, and on a systemic or educational level by creating an LSG that sought to educate on Newcomer Health, legal proceedings and advocacy – Keren Eyal, Mariana Niño de Guzmán Ramírez, Karina Rivera, Michael Bagg, Alice Burgess, PJ Tran, Alex Lalisan, Sandra Zoubovsky, Roberto Delgado Zapata and Bianca Sanchez – thank you for all of your hard work in these efforts and for all who signed the letters of support!

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