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Susan Johnson

Johnson Recipient of 2023 Oded Bar-Or Award for Excellence in Pediatric Obesity Research

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Susan L. Johnson, PhD, (Professor, Section of Nutrition) has been selected by The Obesity Society and the Pediatric Obesity Section as the recipient of the 2023 Oded Bar-Or Award for Excellence in Pediatric Obesity Research. This prestigious award was founded in 2007 to recognize significant contributions to basic and applied pediatric obesity research that have resulted in major advances in scientific understanding of etiology, prevention, and treatment.

Esteemed colleagues wrote of Dr. Johnson, “One of the most admirable and important aspects of Susan’s career accomplishments is her unwavering dedication to the translation of research into best practice. This is exemplified in the significant clinical practice she has undertaken over the years to work with families to support healthy eating behaviors in children.” Another stated, “Beyond the metrics, Susan’s contributions push the field forward. She is innovative in her methods, creative in her study designs, and willing to think and work outside the box.”

Dr. Johnson’s experience in pediatric obesity and commitment to the organization have made her a deserving recipient of this honor. We are thrilled to celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to seeing the impact your research will continue to have on the field.

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