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CU Pharmacy Alumnus Strategizes through PhD Program

Fall 2020 graduate is motivated by receiving Pharmaceutical Outcomes degree

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Written by Jaron Bryant on May 28, 2021

Recently, we connected with Dr. Chong Kim (CK), who received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes during the fall 2020 Commencement on Dec. 12. Dr. Kim  describes himself as a critical thinking, highly motivated, and hard working problem solver. Currently, his specific interests lie in optimizing the landscape of the healthcare environment around the world. His main expertise involves observational studies, development of statistical methods, and programming. He's currently working as a manager at Stratevi.

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What are you currently doing or what do you have planned now that you’ve graduated?

I’m currently working as a Health Economics & Outcomes Research Consultant at a boutique consulting firm located in Santa Monica California.
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man smiling for cameraDr. Chong Kim, Class of '20
Recall your student experience at the CU Pharmaceutical Sciences and tell us what it was like.

The CU Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Clinical Pharmacy has been extraordinarily helpful in cultivating my career to this point. I have learned so much about pharmaceutical outcomes research in general, research methodology through pharmacoepidemiology, novel statistical methods through biostatistics, and the importance of the field of pharmacy in general in managing the health of everyone in this world. I was able to put my hands on a variety of different projects, meet & collaborate with researchers from all over the world, publish a number of studies I was a part of. I am very glad that I was able to take the first few steps at CU Pharmaceutical sciences to become a successful researcher.
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What inspired you to attend the CU Pharmaceutical Sciences program?

The most compelling reason that drew me to CU Pharmaceutical Sciences was its faculty. Faculty members are highly regarded in the field of pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidemiology and provide a variety of opportunities for students to grow. Specifically, Dr. (Jon) Campbell, my mentor, had a number of high profile projects (e.g. ICER) that I was able to support and learn from.
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What is your proudest moment in the field of pharmaceutical sciences?

When I finished my dissertation while working full time (and getting an additional masters degree while at it)
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What is your favorite thing about working in the pharmaceutical sciences industry?

When I am able to see that our work (pharmaceutical outcomes research) leads to positive change (reduced waste and improved health).Share your thoughts
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What activities do you find yourself enjoying the most in your spare time from the profession?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends whenever I am not working on the computer.
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What sage advice would you pass on to others coming into the program that was helpful for you?

Work hard and, if possible, play harder.

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What words of advice do you have for future graduates of the program heading into the job market?

Develop strong networks (i.e. reach out to alumnus whenever you can!) and try to get as many HEOR experience as you can while you are in school through internships.


Our thanks, CK. Sage advice indeed. The future looks bright for you. Congratulations on completing the PhD program through the CU Pharmacy Center for Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research (CePOR). For our readers, you can learn more about the CePOR program at the following website: https://pharmacy.cuanschutz.edu/academics/phd-programs/pharmaceutical-outcomes-research