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An International Relationship Years in the Making

CU Pharmacy leadership visits University of Nottingham for annual trip to exchange ideas

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Sharing of ideas fosters ingenuity, and leaders from the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CU Pharmacy) did just that when they visited faculty at the University of Nottingham (UoN) University Park in London, England this spring.  

According to pharmacy lore, the international partnership started decades ago with CU Pharmacy Dean, Ralph Altiere, who serves as education chair for the International Pharmacy Federation (FIP). For years, Dr. Altiere has worked closely with Dr. Claire Anderson, President of the English Pharmacy Board, and professor at the University of Nottingham. Coincidentally, Anderson also connected with CU Pharmacy Associate Dean Joe Saseen around 2009, when Dr. Saseen gave a presentation on CU Pharmacy’s Comprehensive Patient Care course. Anderson worked with Saseen to create a similar course at the University of Nottingham, and the CU-UoN relationship was solidified. In the years since, the two groups have met to improve pharmacy education at both universities.  

Ralph Altiere giving a presentation with a projector screen and large screen in view


CU Pharmacy Dean Ralph Altiere presents during the research forum at the University of Nottingham. 

The most recent visit included a special emphasis on CU Pharmacy’s groundbreaking experiential education curriculum, and CU Pharmacy deans Altiere and Saseen were joined by Kimberly Stultz, PharmD, Associate Dean for Experiential Education. The trio toured campus, learned about the University of Nottingham pharmacy education program and research initiatives and explored opportunities to establish student exchange programs, something high on Stultz’s priority list. 

“My goals are to establish international hands-on learning opportunities for our CU pharmacy students,” said Dr. Stultz, “such as study abroad and international Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience.” 

The University of Nottingham is not a bad spot for an international elective. It ranked 5th in the world two years in a row by QS World Rankings for pharmacy and pharmacology, and 1st for research environment in the United Kingdom. The University also has several campuses across the UK, as well as two in China and Malaysia.  

CU Pharmacy deans capitalized on the research environment and presented work from CU Pharmacy during a research forum.  

“We hope to see where we have common interests related to our research, education, and clinical programs,” said Saseen. He, Stultz, and Altiere also discussed opportunities to collaborate with University of Nottingham faculty members. 

As the world continues to work together, and international education continues to be more accessible than ever, CU Pharmacy’s long-standing relationship with the University of Nottingham is a benefit to both entities. It continues to drive innovation, and in the end, improves student education to create better pharmacists.

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