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What you need to know before a ‘tolerance break’ from marijuana use

news outletCNN
Publish DateNovember 21, 2023

"T-breaks are temporary periods of abstinence, and the goal is primarily to reduce tolerance so that you can have a smaller amount of cannabis to achieve the same effect," explains Robert Page, PharmD. "However, again, there’s not that much data with regard to this (type of break). This is something that is emerging, because the question is, does it reduce poor outcome (such as heart attack and stroke)? And does it lead to hazardous use?"

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NBC News

Risks of marijuana and THC on the heart: What you need to know

news outletNBC News
Publish DateNovember 18, 2023

Evidence suggests cannabis may be linked to certain heart problems. Are the risks from smoking marijuana, or is it the THC in weed that could be harmful? “I’m very worried,” said Robert Page, PharmD, “It’s looking like cannabis may be a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease.”

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Everyday Health

Can you use medicine and prescriptions past the expiration date?

news outletEveryday Health
Publish DateNovember 02, 2023

When you have a headache and only have an expired bottle of ibuprofen at home, is it worth going out to replace it? Peter J. Rice, PharmD, BCPS, explains.

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Toxicant released from sugarcane ash may be causing mysterious kidney disease in agricultural workers

news outletNewsMedical
Publish DateNovember 02, 2023

The burning of sugarcane and rice husks may be releasing a toxicant causing a mysterious kidney disease in agricultural workers, according to a paper by Jared Brown, PhD, and alumnus Keegan Rogers, PhD.

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