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"Music and Medicine" - Anschutz Campus Choir

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Written by Stephanie Carlson on November 8, 2017

On Tuesday evenings healthcare students, faculty and staff of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus gather to do something a little different, they sing. They're members of the Anschutz Campus Choir, formally known as the Arrhythmias. The choir has been a part of the campus for several years. Third year CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy student, Susan Kang, just joined this year. "I’ve always enjoyed singing and just wanted this to be a way to incorporate music into my life, even with my busy school schedule," she explains.

Kang has been singing since she was a kid, "I would sing a lot in the car, after school choir in elementary school. I did a choir elective in junior high and chamber chorale in high school."

While Kang has some experience, it's not a requirement of the "come one, come all" choir. "When in doubt just show up, one rehearsal, see if you like it," says Liz Olson, choir director and second year choral conducting masters candidate at CU Boulder. The time commitment is minimal, "I don’t expect everybody to come here every week, and they don’t, that’s why we review notes a lot. Just the fact that they want to show up when they can, is more than enough."

The choir and Melomania Orchestra, also on the Anschutz campus, are part of a Music and Medicine Initiative , launched by the Arts and Humanities in Healthcare Program. The mission is to provide students, faculty, staff, patients and community members with a network and a resource for understanding and using music to advance healthcare, education and research. Members of the choir say it's a great way to de-stress a bit. "This is a time for everyone medical students, faculty, spouses, anyone that really wants to come here and have fun. Just have fun and relax a little bit and not think about their regular lives," says Olson.

"Overall it’s just been a good stress reliever," agrees Kang. "When you’re just focusing on producing beautiful music, and you’re listening to all the other people and collaborating, and you’re experiencing music that you probably wouldn’t normally listen to on your own, it’s just overall a wonderful experience. It takes you away from all the studying and school."

The Anschutz Campus Choir & Melomania Orchestra will present their “Fall Concert” Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM in the auditorium in Education II South building.


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