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CU Nurse Puts CE Education Into Practice in Houston

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date September 19, 2017

Many people have rushed to the aid of Houston citizens in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, including many UCHealth employees.  One such volunteer is pulmonary nurse Rachel Kuker who was featured in Katie Kerwin McCrimmon's article, CE helps nurse during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Kuker spent two weeks with a team of volunteers from Metro Denver and Fort Collins, all of whom are UCHealth employees. Kuker gained her relief effort expertise through a variety of programs, and recently attended a three-day Radical Humanitarian training course offered by the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and College of Nursing at the University of Colorado in collaboration with emBOLDen Alliances. According to Kuker, the program helped put her "consistent desires to do such work back to the forefront of my head." It also prepared her and other nurses, as well as pharmacists, for the critical roles they play in emergency responses. Hurricane Harvey, like all relief efforts, required significant dedication from health care workers.

Want to help with relief efforts in the future? Become a radical humanitarian. Another course will be offered this spring.