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Discovering her Future

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date April 18, 2018

Sara Azimi comes from a family of medical professionals and CU alums who have helped her determine a career path that is right for her. While both of her parents and sister are in the physical therapy field, and her brothers are physicians, Sara has chosen a different healthcare path. She will be entering CU Skaggs' PharmD program in the fall of 2018 to pursue her dream of becoming a pharmacist. Her interest in pharmacy was affirmed at a young age.

"My favorite subject in high school was biochemistry," says Azimi. "AP Biology taught me about this microscopic world of molecules and how medications can be used to interact with this world in order to cure diseases and eliminate ailments," Azimi recalls sharing her enthusiasm for the subject with her siblings. Her brother, Ehsan, who was a medical student at the time, said that was something that pharmacists work closely with and encouraged her to explore the field of pharmacy.

Working at the Apothecary beginning her junior year at CU Boulder, helped her solidify her pursuit of a career in pharmacy. Under the tutelage of her pharmacist supervisors, "I saw how they interacted with patients, answered their questions, and became advocates for them. I saw how their open communication reassured the patients about taking their medications. This really inspired me."

In addition to her exposure to the field as an assistant at the Apothecary, Sara drew on her brothers' knowledge and experience, too. According to Azimi, "They both mentioned how awesome their pharmacists are and how much they depend on them as practicing physicians." Having shadowed and worked with clinical and retail pharmacists, Sara was also able to experience firsthand the value of a pharmacist on the healthcare team.

We are excited to welcome Sara as part of the class of 2022 this fall!