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A Local's Guide to Aurora, CO - Home to CU Pharmacy

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The University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy on the Anschutz Medical Campus is located in Aurora, CO. While Aurora is not among the most publicized cities in America, it is definitely among one of safest, largest, and diverse cities in the whole country. I personally have lived in Aurora my whole life and couldn't have picked a better place to grow up in. As an Aurorian I am here to give you an inside look into what Aurora has to offer.

Aurora is a place full of culture, good food, and memorable times. Not too far from the Anschutz Campus are miles and miles of restaurants and small businesses that will satisfy any of your cravings or desires. A restaurant I will never get tired of is the restaurant Tacos y Salsas on the Colfax strip. Tacos y Salsas is a small restaurant that has authentic and delicious Mexican food.  The exterior of the restaurant is very vibrant and exhibits the Mexican culture. Once entering the restaurant, the aromas are enticing, and there is no leaving the restaurant without a full stomach. The restaurant has a plethora of dishes such as tacos, tortas, gorditas, and burritos. You can get this entire eating experience at a very affordable price.

One of the best things about Aurora is the fact that it is a city that is urban, modern, has historical sites, but is still developing at the same time. A historical landmark close to the Anschutz Medical Campus is the Aurora Fox Theatre. This theatre is a source of exceptional entertainment and history.  Only a couple minutes away from the campus is the Stanley Market. It is perfect for food lovers or connoisseurs of trendy hangout spots. The Stanley Marketplace offers the services of 50 plus independently Colorado owned businesses under one roof, where people can dine, have fun, shop, or exercise.

A student myself, I know that during finals week we students are stuck in one room night after night trying to not break down before the completion of all those exams and projects. However, we still need to eat, so a place I recommend having food delivered from is the Chinese restaurant New China City, located on the Colfax strip. It is a quaint restaurant that offers great service and the most delicious kung pao chicken.

After so much dining if you would like to take a walk to lose some calories the Aurora-Kelly Road Reservoir is the place. This reservoir is a hidden gem of the area. The pathway along the reservoir allows for a dynamic walk and breathtaking views of the area. It is recommended that you visit the reservoir, especially from the months May through August.

If you are looking for a diverse, welcoming, and thriving community this is the place for you. You will have the experiences of a lifetime here, where there is the opportunity of meeting someone from El Salvador in morning and a person from Somalia in the evening. I hope you enjoy your stay in Aurora.

This post contributed by CU Pharmacy intern Gabriela Recinos


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