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Wanting to be a Pharmacist

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date April 28, 2017

I am Joshua Lucero and I want to be an educated drug dealer. Okay, so what I mean is that I want to be a pharmacist. I recently had the opportunity to participate in an executive internship program through Pickens Technical College and my high school in Aurora -- Rangeview. Because of my interests in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and bioengineering I was paired with the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  In my internship I learned that there is a lot more to being a pharmacist than just counting pills. As a pharmacist one can own a business, be a researcher, or even be a professor. They can work at clinics and council patients about their medicine and advise doctors on the medicine they think a patient should take. Perhaps the most important thing I learned from this internship was that I know for sure I want a career in pharmacy.

In my experience, what made me want to be a pharmacist the most is when I shadowed Dr. Ben Chavez at the Salud Clinic where I saw him interact with patients. However, I was able to help a patient at the clinic and it really convinced me that I wanted a career in pharmacy. I want to help people and I want people to help themselves, and I know that a career in pharmacy will allow me to do just that.

At the Salud Clinic I saw Dr. Chavez interact with patients and discuss their medicine with them. However, he told me that that clinic is primarily for the underserved population here in Colorado-who were mostly Hispanic. However, I realized in that moment as a young Hispanic man, I do not know any Spanish. I am at a serious disadvantage, especially because if I don't learn Spanish there is an entire population I will not be able to help. It is one of my primary education goals that I become fluent in Spanish and possibly another language.

I know for college I am going to the University of Colorado Denver, however, I will remain with an undeclared major until I determine which undergraduate degree is right for me. I do know, though, that I will further my education after my undergrad and plan on earning a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. And, when it comes to pharmacy school I think Dana Brandorff already sold me on the Skaggs school of Pharmacy here in Colorado.  I am looking forward to college, and I am especially looking forward to pharmacy school.