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Why I chose pharmacy

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date December 5, 2016

CU PharmD student, Than Thai, discusses what led her to a career in pharmacy.

Why I chose pharmacy

According to Thai, “I chose pharmacy because when I was in high school and undergrad I was always interested in the sciences and no other topic really clicked with me. And when I was in the sciences I knew I wanted to be in the health care field. And the reason why I chose pharmacy specifically over the other health care professions is because a lot of people rely on medications to help them feel better. Pharmacists would be able to help patients optimize their drug therapy in order to improve their health."

What helped you make your decision?

"It probably clicked with me probably my sophomore year in high school. I was still exploring the sciences and other professions, but I volunteered at Porter Hospital as a sophomore in high school over the summer and then I helped out in the pharmacy and that’s when I just got to explore that there were different parts of pharmacy than just community that most people think of when they think of pharmacy," says Thai.

"So, I volunteered there and I was able to talk to the pharmacist and connect with them and discuss with them like how they liked their profession and working there. And it was always, always so positive."