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Reynolds Named Educator of the Year

Recognized for his work in Critical Care from the American Colleges of Clinical Pharmacy

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Written by Jordan Kellerman on November 2, 2022

CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Paul Reynolds, PharmD, joined a short list of elite educators earlier this month when he accepted the Critical Care Practice and Research Network (PRN) Educator Award from the American Colleges of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) at its 2022 Global Conference. The award honors a member who has made substantial and outstanding contributions to clinical pharmacy education at either the undergraduate or the postgraduate level.

Dr. Reynolds, an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, was both honored and surprised at the recognition.

 There are so many great educators in this field, and it was a great honor to be considered one of them,” he said.

Dr. Reynolds AwardDr. Reynolds, though humble, is a standout in his field. He currently teaches in the School’s Distance Degree Programs, a collective body of award-winning online programs which bring pharmacy education to a global audience. Individually, Dr. Reynolds has devoted his career to education in pharmacy, and his goal is to continue to prove the value of a pharmacist and advance the cause of pharmacy on a global scale.

“There are so many disparities when it comes to healthcare and I believe that pharmacists can help to mitigate or resolve them,” he explained. “I believe every patient has the right to clinical pharmacy care and I am proud to serve in a program that trains pharmacists to meet the needs of micro-communities and countries where people don’t have access to this care.”

As an educator, Dr. Reynolds is always thinking of new ways to relate to students, no matter how small.

“I believe every patient has the right to clinical pharmacy care."

“When I became a father, I asked my students on rotation to come up with 'dad jokes' as a part of the rotation,” he said. “It was a great ice breaker into team building prior to discussing interventions and planning my day with my students.”

Dr. Reynolds is also a Colorado native, a second-generation pharmacist, and a CU Pharmacy alumni who chooses to spend his time with CU because it is one of the best pharmacy schools in the country.

“When I decided to become a pharmacist, I had no realization that one of the most respected pharmacy schools in the country was right in my backyard,” he said. “I grew really excited about learning from some of the best professors in the field of pharmacy and it unlocked so many opportunities in the school and beyond. Now, as faculty at the school, I feel lucky to be able to collaborate with so many of my mentors as a peer.”

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