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Community Students

CUSNPhA Volunteers for PKD 5K

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date October 6, 2015

Students from the CU Student National Pharmaceutical Association (CU-SNPhA) joined together for a 5K at Denver’s Washington Park Sunday, Sept. 20, in support of finding a cure for Polycystic Kidney Disease, an inherited disorder in which of cysts develop primarily within the kidneys. Several of the CUSNPha members volunteered at the registration table, while others, like Felicity Burke, participated in the walk.

"I think it was a success! It is nice to come together with a group of people supporting a great foundation that is solely focused on research," said Burke, a P-4 student at CU's Skaggs School of Pharmacy. "As a PKD patient, it was very humbling and encouraging to see people coming to support me and all PKD patients!"

Burke’s team raised $331; the Denver walk raised $18,000 in total. Nationally, $1,167,222 has been raised, but there is still more time to donate for those interested in helping the cause.