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Intersession, Personal Branding an Added Value for Students

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date March 21, 2016

While many students were taking it easy over the winter break, CU’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy fourth year students were adding some extra value to their learning.

This year, the School launched Intersession 2016, a new mid-winter program that focusses on re-engaging, cultivating, and energizing fourth-year pharmacy students before they graduate and head out into the real-world.

“Intersession was a valuable experience for a variety of reasons,” said P-4 Kailynn DeRonde. “Not only was I able to meet up with my classmates who I was not able to see on rotation, but I was also able to gain insight into others' experiences. I learned about interesting patients through case presentations, and was able to gain knowledge regarding new drugs or innovative uses to drugs that had previously been on the market through the drug information sessions and clinical pearls.”

The sessions focused on pharmaceutical topics like stress ulcer prophylaxis, new drugs in heart failure, and anti-thrombotic therapy in addition to sessions pertaining to life skills like personal branding, interview skills, and resume and CV writing.

“Many things change over the course of the four years in this program, so it was really great to have a refresher on therapeutics from the amazing minds of the CU faculty,” said P-4 Annie Williams.  “Additionally, I attended many of the money management sessions as well as the interview skills workshop. I feel so much more prepared for my upcoming residency interviews and how to approach the many aspects of the process; the interview skills workshop was interactive and insightful and helped to change my perspective on how to prepare.”

Brand Yourself

Interested in attending personal branding in person? Sign up for our March 29 event facilitated by career services professional Ben Weihrauch.

If you can’t make it, check out the January personal branding workshop on YouTube.