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Research Students

Reveling in Research

Author cupharmacy | Publish Date November 3, 2016

The annual CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar Research Poster Session put third-year students in the hot seat on Nov. 1 as they presented on topics they had been researching since their P2 year.

One group, as P3 Elissa Uhl explained, presented their project on Aplidin and its possible effects on multiple myeloma.

“We really started with wanting to know more about Aplidin, and we found it can be used in patients with multiple myeloma, but it’s only used in patients that have failed first-line therapy,” said Uhl. “So, we’re really looking at the dosing of Aplidin – ours is a Phase I trial – by doing three different arms of our trial, and just seeing what dose of Aplidin is really going to work for these patients.”

The exhibit is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and allows students the opportunity to tackle real-world problems ranging from chronic COPD to multiple myeloma to restless legs syndrome, among many other topics.

“Students need to have an appreciation for the complexity of research and how research can be applied to their practice. This project pushes students to be creative in how they would solve big problems through research,” said Dr. Eric Gilliam, assistant director of the Office of Experiential Programs and assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy.

The project begins the spring semester of students’ second year of pharmacy year and concludes in the fall semester of their third year.