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Ten Years of Research Training and Mentorship

The Surgical/Subspecialists Clinical Outcomes Research (SCORE) Fellowship within the Adult and Child Center for Outcomes Research & Delivery Science (ACCORDS) has played a crucial role in providing training, mentorship, and career development support to physician-researchers in the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Author Melissa Santorelli | Publish Date March 01, 2024
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Nontraditional Risk Factors Play an Outsized Role in Young Adult Stroke Risk

news outletMedscape
Publish DateApril 11, 2024

"The younger they are at the time of stroke, the more likely their stroke is due to a nontraditional risk factor," lead author Michelle Leppert, MD, said in a news release.

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The New England Journal of Medicine

The Risks of Normalizing Parental Vaccine Hesitancy

news outletThe New England Journal of Medicine
Publish DateApril 11, 2024

"Most parents in the United States don’t hesitate to have their children receive routine childhood vaccines. Suggesting otherwise is potentially harmful," says David M. Higgins, MD, MPH, and Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH.

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Denver 7

Westminster woman’s liver donation intended for sister saves life of stranger

news outletDenver 7
Publish DateApril 11, 2024

“We are the leader in the country for pediatric living donor liver transplant," said Amy Feldman, MD. “Because we offer living donations, we're able to bring our waitlist times way down. So for children, the national average for a liver is to wait about eight months. Here at Children's Hospital Colorado, our average wait time is two months.”

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The Denver Post

Opinion: Measles is back. Coloradans should be concerned.

news outletThe Denver Post
Publish DateJanuary 08, 2024

David M. Higgins, MD, MPH, MS, Sean O'Leary, MD, MPH, and Joshua T.B. Williams, MD, discuss concerns with a declining vaccination rate and a return of measles in our state.

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