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The top ten things you don’t know about the CCTSI

Here at the CCTSI, we think that ‘to know us is to love us.’ So now that the academic year has started, it’s a great time to introduce ourselves to the newbies on campus and re-introduce ourselves to the rest of you.

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Written by Wendy Meyer on September 14, 2021

1. CCTSI stands for the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

2. We help build the research teams of the future, speed the development of new treatments and improve human health

3. The CCTSI is multi-institutional and includes:

  • four campuses of CU Anschutz, CU Denver, CU Boulder and CSU;
  • six affiliate hospitals and health care organizations;
  • six health professional schools;
  • and 20 community organizations

4. CCTSI was launched when we received our first grant in 2008. We are funded by an NIH CTSA Grant Award and have substantial financial support from the university and partner hospitals. The grant has been renewed twice and we are funded through 2023.

5. When we received our first grant in 2008, it was the largest grant CU had ever received and the largest federal research grant in Colorado history. With each renewal, the CCTSI expects the NIH funding to decrease as we build our funding capacity locally.

6. The CCTSI awards nearly $3 million per year in pilot grants, micro grants and training awards.

7. The CCTSI’s Community Engagement team helps researchers connect with diverse communities to inform and enhance their research ideas and success. This team also offers technical assistance and training in engaging communities in research.

8. The CCTSI built Colorado PROFILES, which includes an extensive catalog of biomedical researchers from all four campuses. PROFILES provides the tools for investigators to find experts, potential collaborators and mentors.

9. The Education, Training and Career Development program is made up of 13 different educational offerings to help develop and retain talented translational researchers. Our newest workshop series is called Communicating Your Science to the Public, which seeks to increase trust in science by empowering researchers with the skills to communicate their work to the average person. 

10. A large portion of the clinical trials that are conducted at University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado use the CCTSI’s Clinical and Translational Research Centers, which are located in each hospital.

BONUS FACT: In December of 2021, the CCTSI will move its administrative offices, adult Core Lab, adult research exercise facilities and adult outpatient Clinical Translational Research Center to the new Anschutz Health Sciences Building (AHSB).