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Denver Post: What You Need to Know About Ordering Food Delivery in Denver During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Written by The Denver Post on March 16, 2020

Restaurants around the country are bracing for the impacts of COVID-19, and consumers are wondering whether they can dine out, pick up food or order in during the coronavirus outbreak. As of now, restaurants are still offering multiple options in an effort to stay in business — including dine-in, in some cases, as well as carryout, curbside pickup and delivery. 

In response to the latest CDC guidance, Denver officials on Sunday night called for events of 50 people or more to be cancelled or postponed for eight weeks. And across the country, states are closing bars, restaurants and other businesses. 

“When you’re going to a restaurant, the onus is really on the restaurant to make sure the food is … being handled correctly,” said Elaine Scallan Walter, an associate professor of epidemiology with the Colorado School of Public Health. “If it’s being delivered, the onus is more on you and the transport.” 

With that in mind, Scallan Walter recommends washing your hands even after removing food from its packaging when you’ve ordered in. Delivery services are also making it easier for you to order and receive food without ever coming into direct contact with the delivery driver.   

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