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Department of Surgery News and Stories

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Carie Behounek


JoLynn Shinsako Named Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs for APPs for the CU Department of Surgery

To support the growing number of advanced practice providers at the University of Colorado Department of Surgery, JoLynn Shinsako, PA-C, MS, has been promoted to the new role of associate vice chair of clinical affairs for advanced practice providers (APPs).

Author Carie Behounek | Publish Date March 12, 2024
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Research    Trauma    GITES

Trauma and Transfusions: Unraveling the Right Approach to Blood Clotting Issues

The blood holds mysteries to healing that we’re only beginning to understand.

Franklin Wright, MD, associate professor of GI, trauma, and endocrine surgery in the University of Colorado Department of Surgery, is advancing what is known about blood – specifically, the balance between too much bleeding and too much clotting.

Author Carie Behounek | Publish Date February 07, 2024
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Research    Diversity    Urology    Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Unraveling Disparities in Pediatric Urology

Learning through a prenatal ultrasound that your baby may or may not need surgery can be scary. Learning the surgeon may have directed the decision based on race and socioeconomic status? Not ideal.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Department of Surgery are taking a deep dive into the decision-making process associated with a condition called ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction after learning the decision to have surgery was largely based on surgeon perceptions.

Author Carie Behounek | Publish Date December 15, 2023
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Research    Transplant Surgery

Innovative Overnight Advanced Practice Provider Program Transforms Patient Care

JoLynn Shinsako, PA-C, MS, physician assistant in transplant surgery at the University of Colorado Department of Surgery, helped found and currently leads a nocturnal advanced practice provider surgical subspecialty service aimed at optimizing patient care overnight in various surgical subspecialties.

Author Carie Behounek | Publish Date October 23, 2023
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Department of Surgery In the News

Denver 7

Children’s Hospital Colorado’s New Spanish-Speaking Pediatric Surgery Clinic Is Breaking down Barriers

news outletDenver 7
Publish DateApril 13, 2024

Jose Diaz-Miron, MD, assistant professor of pediatric surgery has made it his mission to make healthcare more approachable for families in Colorado by launching a Spanish-speaking pediatric surgery clinic. It's the first of its kind in Colorado.

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American College of Surgeons

New Technologies, Approaches Help Surgeons Maximize the Use of Transplant Organs

news outletAmerican College of Surgeons
Publish DateApril 10, 2024

“Being more aggressive with donor offers and looking at marginal donors can help get people organs more quickly and reduce death on the waitlist,” said Jordan Hoffman, MD, FACS, associate professor of surgery and surgical director of heart and lung transplantation at the University of Colorado.

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Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Recommended for Men Over Age 65, Especially for Men Who Have Smoked

news outletUCHealth
Publish DateFebruary 28, 2024
A one-time ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm for men over 65 has been shown to reduce the risk of rupture by about half.
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Colorado School of Mines Student Returns To Wrestling Team After Car Accident Forced Devastating Leg Amputation

news outletUCHealth
Publish DateFebruary 22, 2024

“Wrestling is a difficult sport. It’s both a team and a one-on-one sport that requires endurance, strength, and mental toughness,” said Matthew Lorio, MD, professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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