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11 Potential Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Water, from Doctors

news outletMSN
Publish DateMay 17, 2022

Health authorities have educated us that drinking enough water is absolutely vital for our bodies to function properly. And it is—unless you drink too much of it.

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News Medical

Research Reveals How a Leaky Gut Leads to Inflammation in the Lungs

news outletNews Medical
Publish DateMay 13, 2022

Why are older adults more likely to get seriously ill or even die from pneumonia? It turns out the cause may have as much to do with the gut as it does with the lungs.

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Denver 7

Stars Align for Two Strangers in Life-Saving Organ Transplant

news outletDenver 7
Publish DateMay 09, 2022

Human connection brought two strangers together in Colorado for a rare, life-saving liver transplant.

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Fox 21

Colorado Girl Gets New Liver Thanks to ‘Complete Stranger’ on Facebook

news outletFox 21
Publish DateApril 28, 2022

A 4-year-old girl is living a full, healthy life thanks to her new liver that came from a complete stranger.

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