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CU Research Shows That Telehealth Follow-up After Gall Bladder Surgery is Just as Effective as In-Person Clinic Visits 

A new research study by Danielle Abbitt, MD, a resident in the University of Colorado Department of Surgery, shows that a protocol that started as a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into a time-saving step for patients recovering from surgery. 

Author Greg Glasgow | Publish Date September 21, 2022
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How Bladder Cancer Differs in Women and Younger Adults

news outletTIME
Publish DateNovember 15, 2022

Men are three to four times more likely than women to develop bladder cancer, but the disease tends to be deadlier in females. Why?

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MedPage Today

Post-Op Pain Control More Challenging for Cannabis Users

news outletMedPage Today
Publish DateOctober 22, 2022

Cannabis users reported somewhat worse postoperative pain compared with people who did not use cannabis before surgery, according to a recent study.

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Pediatric Heart Transplant Waiting Times Rose During Pandemic, but Mortality Did Not

news outletHealio
Publish DateOctober 07, 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the wait for pediatric heart transplants was longer than before the pandemic, but waiting list mortality did not change.

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Pharmacy Times

Addressing Certain Risk Factors May Decrease Likelihood of a Patient With a Liver Transplant Returning to Operating Room

news outletPharmacy Times
Publish DateSeptember 20, 2022

Certain risk factors can increase the risk of liver transplant patients needing to return to the operating room (R-OR) within 2 days of their original surgery.

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