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The Quarterly Connection: October 2023

Highlighting the work of the LGBTQ+ Hub

Welcome to The Quarterly Connection, where we dive a little deeper into our programming as well as share upcoming activities and opportunities for you to engage in. In honor of LGBTQ History Month, our October 2023 edition will highlight the work of the LGBTQ+ Hub. Through providing trainings, hosting events, and collaborating with community and campus partners, the LGBTQ+ Hub works hard year round to create and maintain an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ and allied students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors on campus and within the Aurora community. 

In an era defined by increasing recognition of LGBTQ+ rights and the collective desire for a more inclusive society, the establishment of the CU Anschutz LGBTQ+ Hub emerged as an essential step toward the embodiment of our institution's commitment to diversity, accessibility, and visibility. The CU Anschutz LGBTQ+ Hub stands as the first campus-wide LGBTQ+ organization, offering centralized resources and fostering a profound sense of togetherness for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies.

Established virtually in 2021 and physically in Room 2101 of the Education 2 North building the following year, the LGBTQ+ Hub has made strides in making resources and connections more accessible. Our work is grounded in the principles that LGBTQ+ people can and should speak for themselves, be part of all communities, and have services shaped around their needs.

The CU Anschutz LGBTQ+ Hub is firmly anchored in the principles of accessibility and visibility, underlining the importance of making inclusivity a reality for all. The creation of the LGBTQ+ Hub at CU Anschutz was born out of the urgent need to address the prevailing sense of isolation and the profound difficulty that individuals, students, faculty, and staff faced in finding essential resources and connecting with the LGBTQ+ community on campus. It serves as a vital solution to the repeated cry, "Where are the resources for queer students? Where are the resources for queer faculty and staff?" and the heartfelt declaration, "I feel invisible. I feel isolated. I feel alone. I can't find a community here.”

The LGBTQ+ Hub is not just a physical space; it's a beacon of hope, a promise, and a place where the LGBTQ+ community can call home. The Hub serves as a safe haven for questions, offering unwavering support and guidance and emphasizing education and advocacy to eliminate ignorance and prejudice. Together, we move forward with an unwavering dedication to the principles of accessibility, community, partnership, support, education, and advocacy, so that every voice is heard, and every individual is valued.

Two CU Anschutz community members happily celebrating Pride in colorful clothing

CU Anschutz community members celebrating their Pride.

The CU Anschutz LGBTQ+ Hub remains actively engaged in a continuous series of impactful activities and partnerships. Notably, we celebrated a vibrant Summer of Pride in Denver and Aurora, underscoring the ongoing battle against anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric in society and to celebrate the beauty of the LGBTQ+ community. We have collaborated with the School of Dental Medicine to enhance their electronic health records for LGBTQ+ inclusivity by offering SOGI data training to all faculty, students, and staff. We’ve also joined forces with the Colorado School of Public Health Inclusive Excellence Committee to host our first annual CU Anschutz LGBTQ+ Pride Parade this past June.

As part of our commitment to LGBTQ+ history and pride, we're currently in the midst of our third LGBTQ+ History Month and CU Anschutz Pride Month celebration this October, featuring a focus on training sessions and in-person social events. Our newest dedicated team member, Benton Meldrum, has made invaluable contributions to the Hub's ongoing efforts. Just around the corner on October 25, we will have a Poetry Slam in the Nighthorse Campbell building 1-2pm. Additionally, we're excited to co-host the 2nd annual Brews & Biotech Happy Hour with the Academic Industry Alliance (AIA) on October 26th, offering free food and a complimentary drink while fostering networking opportunities with local business representatives. Please feel free to invite friends, classmates, and family to join us at Ursula Brewery, conveniently located behind the Strauss Health Science Library off Montview Boulevard.

A group of people hold up a colorful Pride flag while walking across campus
Members of the campus community participating in the First Annual CU Anschutz Pride Parade.

The LGBTQ+ Hub is poised for an active and inclusive future. Our focus will shift towards advocating for policy changes on the CU Anschutz campus, ensuring that these policies are more accommodating of the LGBTQ+ community. As we transition to more in-person activities, we have plans to organize a variety of community events for faculty, students, and staff, both on and off-campus. Proposals are underway to introduce visual LGBTQ+ representation on campus, such as rainbow-painted sidewalk entryways and murals. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate our first annual LGBTQ+ conference next semester and are initiating Town Hall events to welcome local and regional officials to listen to the community's perspectives on public issues. Finally, with a collaborative effort within the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, the LGBTQ+ Hub will launch the new CU Anschutz Safe Space Training program soon, complete with certifications and physical indicators of completion of the training. If you would like to make sure you receive updates on these items and other future activities, sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter.

Three people standing together at a Pride event, smiling for the camera
CU community members enjoying Denver Pride activities.


While a lot of progress has been made in regards to LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion, we are reminded by things such as the one year anniversary of the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs that there is still much work to be done to make sure that acceptance and understanding are the norm, and that these types of incidents never happen again. This video features members of the LGBTQ+ community speaking on inclusion and belonging, specifically in workplace settings, and what kind of difference it makes for them. We hope you take some messages from this forward with you as you continue to do your part in creating spaces where we can all be authentic, supported, and safe.

LGBTQ History Month is celebrated both nationally and internationally and has become a crucial tool in ensuring that queer history is shared, taught, and celebrated, as it is rarely included in school curricula. Thus, LGBTQ students are often unaware of the fact that many figures they study in school were in face LGBTQ. They also miss out on learning about the LGBTQ rights movement and the many figures who have fought heroically for LGBTQ equality. LGBTQ History Month is a way to encourage schools, media, and other institutions devoted to sharing knowledge to amplify the important stories of the LGBTQ community. Read more about the history of this month and its significance here.

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