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CU Faculty Lead Report on 10 Recommendations to Promote Firearm Injury Prevention

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has identified firearm suicide prevention as a key priority, but critical gaps remain in preventing deaths by firearm among service members. According to the 2020 DoD Annual Suicide Report, approximately 60-80% of suicides among service members are enacted with a firearm.

Author Colleen Miracle | Publish Date December 06, 2022
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Department of Emergency Medicine In the News

The Guardian

Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub shooter sentenced to 55 life terms in prison

news outletThe Guardian
Publish DateJuly 11, 2024

Christopher Knoepke, PhD, MSW, LCSW, law enforcement lead for the CU Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative, was quoted in an article from The Guardian on the Colorado Springs Club Q shooting.

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American Democracy & Health Security

Leslie Osborn, MD, Recognized as an American Democracy & Health Security Lamplighter

news outletAmerican Democracy & Health Security
Publish DateJuly 02, 2024

Leslie Osborn, MD, visiting assistant professor of emergency medicine, was recognized as an American Democracy & Health Security "Lamplighter."

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Las Vegas Review-Journal

When should older drivers hand over their car keys?

news outletLas Vegas Review-Journal
Publish DateJuly 02, 2024

“This is a big challenge when it comes to driving, because people don’t react appropriately and self-regulate,” said Emmy Betz, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine who has studied advance driving directives.

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Face the Fight

Face the Fight™ First-Year Results Show Measurable Impact in Veteran Suicide Prevention

news outletFace the Fight
Publish DateJune 27, 2024

The CU Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative was mentioned in an article from Face the Fight on impact of veteran suicide prevention.

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