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Washington Post

Can we meet my elderly parents for our annual ski trip?

news outletWashington Post
Publish DateJanuary 07, 2021

Traveling has always come with complications, but the coronavirus pandemic has made it more challenging than ever. Our By The Way Concierge column will take your travel dilemmas to the experts to help you navigate the new normal. Want to see your question answered? Submit it here.

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KMGH Channel 7

If you are next in line for a COVID vaccine, be prepared to wait

news outletKMGH Channel 7
Publish DateJanuary 07, 2021

Many hospitals are not yet distributing vaccines to those 70 and over nearly a week after the governor announced the age group was eligible.

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College Football Players Underestimate Risk of Concussion and Injury

news outletDiverse
Publish DateJanuary 05, 2021

U.S. college football players don’t accurately estimate their risk of concussion or injury, according to a recently released report.

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Colorado’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan Creates Confusion For Most, Competition For Some

news outletCPR
Publish DateJanuary 05, 2021

After months of meetings with an advisory panel, the administration of Gov. Jared Polis developed a strategy for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and a gradual rollout to ensure that health care workers and Coloradans living and working in eldercare facilities were the first to be protected.

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