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Campus Roars Back Onto Airwaves and Digital Spaces with 'Possibilities Endless'

New CU Anschutz advertising campaign launches this week, runs during Super Bowl, Winter Olympics

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Written by Matthew Hastings on January 31, 2022
What You Need To Know

Featuring some of the extraordinary talent found at CU Anschutz, the ad campaign will highlight the potential of the campus through TV, digital and print placements that will run starting this weekend until late April.

On Feb. 4, CU Anschutz launches the next phase of a bold advertising campaign titled Possibilities Endless.

Featuring a blend of traditional broadcast and digital ad placements, Possibilities Endless shares the stories and successes created on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus while offering a promising vision of future discoveries and care to come. 

“With this campaign, we highlight our relentless focus on the future ‒ and we celebrate some of the leaders and pioneers who are driving us toward the next groundbreaking discovery and bringing life-changing possibilities into reach for those we serve,” said Donald Elliman, CU Anschutz chancellor.

Ad placements include the Olympics, Super Bowl 

The Possibilities Endless campaign will have a regional focus – including the Denver metro area and Colorado Front Range. 

And in a first for CU Anschutz, Possibilities Endless TV commercials will appear during both the Beijing Winter Olympics and Super Bowl. 

Possibilities Endless Radiology Bar Lab

Nicole Restauri, MD, poses in the Radiology Bar Lab. Restauri is one of 11 CU faculty members featured in Possibilities Endless.  

Alongside broadcast and cable television commercials, ads for Possibilities Endless will appear on digital platforms, such as smart TVs and Pandora, and on physical digital displays in both downtown Denver and Denver International Airport. 

Print ads will also run in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, The Colorado Springs Gazette, The Denver Gazette and Colorado Politics. 

Found across all advertisements will be the new webpage for the campaign – possibilities-endless.com.

This diverse and high-profile exposure will help strengthen the reputation of CU Anschutz as a place where human health is being improved by some of the best in the health sciences.  

New horizons – and a growing positive reputation 

Possibilities Endless represents an evolution in the campus’s identity and advertising campaign. 

The words and images that will light up screens during the Olympics and Super Bowl originally aired under the This Is Breakthrough banner in March 2020. That version of the campaign was suspended as the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped daily life. 

What began as This Is Breakthrough became Possibilities Endless, as the campaign pivoted from a word that became polarized in light of the COVID-19 pandemic – “breakthrough” as in “breakthrough infection.”

“Our campus and its people have been integral in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Colorado, while also continuing work on important discoveries in other vital areas of research such as Alzheimer’s and cancer,” said Kathy Green, vice chancellor of marketing and communications for CU Anschutz. “We focused on ensuring this new campaign direction carries the spirit of determination and innovation found in all our researchers, educators and students at CU Anschutz, while maintaining the essence and integrity of the original campaign.”  

possibilities endless newsroom splash (2)

Possibilities Endless also showcases the campus’s growth over the last two years – especially how the CU Anschutz name has become more recognized and respected. The previous iteration of the advertising and marketing campaign – alongside the dedicated work of everyone on campus – increased awareness and positive perception of CU Anschutz from 78% to 85% since 2019. 

Campaign will run through late spring 

Possibilities Endless will run through the end of April, to continue bolstering the awareness and reputation of the CU Anschutz, the largest  academic medical center in the Rocky Mountain region.

"This campaign is made possible by the incredible people at CU Anschutz and our hospital partners who are dedicated to leading at the forefront of innovation,” said Chancellor Elliman. “We are proud to tell the stories of those pushing the boundaries of the possible, and creating new solutions to our great healthcare challenges."


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